Wonderful weddings and delicious diamonds

At Thread and Fold we are inspired by beautiful design. As you may know, our handmade embroidery kits are inspired by artist Valerie Carr’s travels. Indeed, the wondrous textures and shapes of nature inspire our slow stitch items. Inspiration, seemingly, is everywhere. Hatton Garden, closely tied to ourselves, is one such place where traditional craft meets technology. Where love inspired beautiful engagement rings and where the age old industry of jewellery is practised. In today’s blog, we speak with Hatton Garden jewellers Diamonds Hatton Garden about what inspired their wonderful jewellery. 

Daniel, thank you for taking the time to speak to us. Tell our readers about Diamonds Hatton Garden?

jewelery londonThank you too! It’s great to feature on your blog! We are a family run jewellery business that have, for over 40 years, crafted beautiful diamond jewellery for our clients across the world. We also specialise in loose diamonds, in particular, fancy coloured diamonds that are cherished for their beautiful hues and tones. We have our own workshop in Hatton Garden where our craftsman make ready-to-wear and bespoke pieces and also are De Beers sightholders in Botswana meaning that all of the diamonds, work and design are carried out in-house allowing us to create beautiful pieces of the highest quality, 

Much like our own pieces, craftsmanship is at the heart of your pieces. What inspires your designs?

Design of custom jewelleryWe agree! We can see the quality and detailing in your pieces and think they are lovely. We believe that each item of jewellery we create isn’t just the expression of the wearer but of the craftsperson too. We have two types of design ready-to-wear and bespoke items and each come from very different places.Our ready-to-wear mounts and settings tend to follow more classic designs and are inspired by the world of jewellery itself. Our diamond tennis bracelets are 1930s inspired and we link to think back to the glamorous pre-war years.  Diamond engagement rings tend to follow certain trends and patterns whilst the bespoke items are really down to the creativity of the designer, the understanding of the client and then the expert realisation of the piece by our teams. Ultimately, our craftspeople tend to be more traditional in their designs but their true creativity comes from the understanding of materials, form, shape and balance so that each item, bespoke or not, is elegant and timeless, 

How have engagement rings changed over the last few years?

Halo engagement ringOver the last few years there has been an increase in interests for pear and radiant shapes. For me, they represent the very best value as the diamond is spread out and not concentrated and thus make it look larger. Interestingly, in terms of the style of the ring, pave settings have always been popular (when the diamonds are encrusted on the ring). Another tip of the trade is to use a halo (when the ring has a halo where the centre stone sits) which makes the diamond appear larger too. Finally, there has been an increase in popularity in fancy coloured diamonds, I simply love them, due to their amazing colours and tones and they are simply spectacular. The use of metals has changed too, yellow gold is no longer the most popular and we see white gold, rose gold and platinum being more popular. I think this is down to the internet, as more clients have access to more ideas we see a shift away from the traditional round stone on a round setting and people are becoming more adventurous. Not to mention the “Instagram generation” where certain people want to be able to take pictures of their jewellery for social media. 

Thread and Fold would like to thank Diamonds Hatton Garden for their time. For more information on their works and to arrange an appointment, contact their team via info@diamondshg.co.uk

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